Country Farm - Nature Quest - Black Sesame Spread 黑芝麻酱 200g
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Size (L x W x H) 8 cm x 8 cm x 8 cm
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• Black sesame seeds are first toasted and then ground into a thick puree without adding any sugar

• With a glossy, jet-black color and uniquely rich nutty flavor• Black sesame spread can change the dynamic of a dessert completely

• Rich, toasty fragrance and unique black sesame flavour that indulges the palate

• The flavor slightly earthy with a mildly bitter undertone, which provides a nice counterbalance to any sweets

• Good source of fibre and calciumBenefits:

• Helps to maintain healthy and nourished hair

• No preservative added

• Trans fat free

• Suitable for vegetarian

Serving Suggestions:

• This deep, rich, nutty black sesame paste can lend itself to many applications, both sweet and savory

• Add to a bowl of rice, spread on a slice of bread, flavour your soup or use as a base for salad dressing

• 黑芝麻先烤熟,再磨成浓稠的泥,不加糖

• 具有光泽的乌黑色泽和独特浓郁的坚果味• 黑芝麻酱可以彻底改变甜点的动态

• 浓郁的烤香味和独特的黑芝麻风味,令人陶醉

• 略带泥土的味道,带有微苦的底色,可以很好地平衡任何甜食

• 纤维和钙的良好来源好处:

• 有助于保持头发健康和滋养

• 不添加防腐剂

• 不含反式脂肪

• 适合素食者


• 这种浓郁、浓郁、坚果味的黑芝麻酱可用于多种用途,甜味和咸味

• 加入一碗米饭中,涂抹在一片面包上,为汤调味或用作沙拉酱的底料