Scent Pur - Antibacterial Sanitizer Spray 抗菌消毒喷雾 500ml (Aloe Vera)
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Product SCENT PUR Antibacterial Sanitizer Spray with Aloe Vera Size 500ml


• Contain 70% alcohol denatured • Formulation kills 99.9% of bacteria, germs, fungus and virus • Rinse free and non-sticky • Aloe Vera fragrant • Suitable for surface disinfectants including but not limited to hard surface, life button panel, door knob, computer and workstation • Can also be used to sanitize hands • SIRIM Certified & MADE in Malaysia

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS  :  Alcohol Denatured 70%, Water and Perfume

HOW TO USE 1. Turn nozzle to “ON” position 2. Simply spray directly to surface 3. Wipe over with clean cloth & allow to dry 4. For electric equals spray on the cloth before wiping

产品 SCENT PUR 芦荟抗菌消毒喷雾 500ml


• 含有 70% 的变性酒精 • 配方可杀死 99.9% 的细菌、病菌、真菌和病毒 • 免冲洗且不粘 • 芦荟香 • 适用于表面消毒剂,包括但不限于硬质表面、生活按钮面板、门把手、电脑和工作站 • 也可用于手部消毒 • SIRIM 认证和马来西亚制造

活性成分: 70% 变性酒精、水和香水

使用方法 1. 将喷嘴转到“ON”位置 2. 直接喷到表面 3. 用干净的布擦拭并晾干 4. 对于电动等于在擦拭前喷在布上