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Essential Oil Blend 精油
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Brand Health Paradise
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Tea Tree Oil 茶树油
100% Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml100% pure oil of melaleuca alternifolia. Use of tea tree oil: bio germicide for treatment of acne, pimples, insect bites, Tinea, ringworm and other skin irritants.

100% 纯茶树精油 10ml100% 纯白千层油。茶树油用途:用于治疗粉刺、粉刺、虫咬、癣、癣等皮肤刺激物的生物杀菌剂。

Mosquito & Bug Repellent Essential Oil Blend 驱蚊和驱虫精油
No DEET,Hypoallergenic,All Natural,Blend of Lemongrass Oil. Eucalyptus Oil. Citronella Oil.Peppermint Oil. Lavender Oil. and Ginger Oil


Health Paradise Essential Oil 100% Lavender10ml (Australia)
有助于诱导睡眠  有助于降低压力和焦虑水平  抗菌性能  抗炎特性  支持健康的大脑功能  有益皮肤  减少肌肉酸痛  清新和净化空气

Helps induce sleep, Helps to Lower stress and anxiety levels, Antibacterial properties, Anti-inflammatory properties, Supports healthy brain functions, Benefit Skin, Reduce muscle soreness, Freshens and purifies the air