Ayam Brand Coconut Milk 200ml
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Brand Ayam Brand
Size (L x W x H) 8 cm x 6 cm x 4 cm
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As good as fresh*
Contain NO preservative, NO coloring, and NO flavoring
200ml - Equivalent to 1 coconut
* Coconut milk is natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral food product. Approximately 66% of the fatty acid in coconut fat is lauric acid, medium fatty acid (MCFA). They do not have negative effect on cholesterol and help to lower the risk of heart disease. It is primarily due to MCFA in coconut oil that makes it so special and so beneficial.
UHT (Ultra High Temperature) technology ensures that the product is hygienic and fresh with long shelf life. With UHT technology there is no need for preservatives.

200ml - 相当于1个椰子
* 椰奶是天然的抗菌抗病毒食品。椰子油中大约 66% 的脂肪酸是月桂酸,中脂肪酸 (MCFA)。它们对胆固醇没有负面影响,有助于降低患心脏病的风险。这主要是由于椰子油中的 MCFA 使其如此特别和有益。